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Nuru massage

Опубликовано: 10.03.2017

For many people, the entire concept of a massage is synonymous with an erotic massage. This has believably led to some confusion. Some people will go to special massage parlors more or less expecting the same sorts of therapeutic massage treatments that they would get at chiropractic offices. Other people will go to those very same therapeutic massage therapists' offices expecting that they're going to receive something resembling an erotic massage.

All massages are about stimulation of some variety or another. Therapeutic massages are about stimulating the muscles in order to release tension and promote physical healing. Erotic massages are about arousal and stimulating a person all over his or her body in order to promote sexual stimulation. Some types of erotic massage are fairly mild. They will essentially include a therapeutic massage portion, except the masseuse will include direct sexual stimulation as part of the process. Other types of erotic massage, such as the nuru massage, are much more intimate than that.

Nuru massage London